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The GM0300 LED ECO 290L possesses both form and function, with its clean design and practical features.


It features high-impact LED lighting that maximises product visibility and captures attention. It’s the easiest way to market products without the need for consumers to open the door, inspect the goods and then decide whether or not to buy them.


The chiller also features double-glazed safety glass that increases efficiency while reducing condensation, maximising the longevity of the appliance’s life span. Efficiency and temperature preservation is further increased with the self-closing door for hassle-free self-service.


The built-in temperature control panel makes it easy to achieve and maintain optimal cold storage conditions. You can adjust the temperature range from +1°C to +10°C to ensure that products are kept at their recommended temperature.


This chiller is intended for easy storage of a variety of food and beverage items. Just about anything and everything that needs to be stored in a fully controlled and easily visible environment will find a home with the GM0300 LED ECO chiller.

GM0300 LED ECO Flat Glass Door 290L Upright Display Chiller

    • Internal lighting for maximum product display
    • Durable adjustable shelves
    • Corrosion resistant outer body
    • Adjustable temperature control
    • Tempered thermo glass door, aluminium frame
    • Double glazed door to reduce condensation
    • Self closing doors
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