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The GM0660LB LED 660L Chiller is a smaller version of the 1000LB model. It has nearly all the same features as its larger counterpart, but takes up much less space. Its black exterior and aluminium frame really looks the part, and combined with an illuminated light box, marketing chilled goods to your consumers will be a breeze.


This single-door fridge has a double-glazed safety glass door that increases efficiency while heated air eliminates glass condensation. Double-glazing keeps the cold from escaping and the heat outside from entering, ensuring a constant temperature within.


Thanks to its precise digital temperature control and Embraco compressor, this chiller allows you to adjust temperature range from +1°C to +10°C depending on the goods stored. And, quite importantly, the GM0660LB LED 660L Chiller comes with a door lock to secure stock and to prevent loss of cool air.


Safe, efficient, and über-cool (in the non-temperature-related meaning of the phrase), this little gem of a chiller could easily become an attractive focal point of a room.

GM0660LB LED ECO Flat Glass Door 660L Upright Display Chiller with Lighbox

    • Black exterior
    • Internal lighting for maximum product display
    • Durable adjustable shelves
    • Corrosion resistant outer body
    • Digital temperature display
    • Forced draft refrigeration
    • Adjustable temperature control
    • Tempered thermo glass door, aluminium frame
    • Double glazed door to reduce condensation
    • Display lightbox
    • Castors/Rollers for easy positioning
    • Right hand hinged
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