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For businesses that want a truly stand-out chiller with maximum marketing potential, look no further than the GM1000LB LED model.


There’s no missing this 1000-litre fridge, and the large customisable display lightbox takes full advantage of this fact, offering businesses a big opportunity to advertise on a very prominent area of a very prominent chiller.


It’s also equipped with a precise Carel digital temperature control and Embraco compressor. The former ensures chilled products are kept at their prescribed temperature; the adjustable temperature control allowing for a greater range and flexibility.


On top of these, The GM1000LB LED has double-glazed safety glass doors that increase efficiency while heated air eliminates glass condensation. It also has a door lock to secure stock, which comes really handy come closing time. The lock also keeps cool air from escaping, preventing a drop in temperature and possible damage to goods.

GM1000LB LED Flat Glass Door 1000L Upright Display Chiller with Lightbox (Black)

    • The units can be decorated with decals or silk screening (additional charges apply POA).

      Standard Features: 

    • Bright LED Internal Lights (on 2 side)
    • Black Exterior & Interior 
    • Self-Closing doors
    • Display lightbox - large
    • Adjustable temp. control (+1 to +10°C )
    • Durable adjustable shelving (staggered option)
    • Corrosion resistant outer body
    • Thermo glass door with aluminium frame
    • Double glazed door to reduce condensation
    • Forced draft rapid chill refrigeration
    • Castor mounted (front lockable)
    • Anti Fog Door Heat airflow over door prevents fogging
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