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Halton KVX Extraction Canopy - made top order.
Halton KVF Capture Jet™ Canopy with Supply Air and Side-Jet Technology

Halton KVX & KVF Canopies

  • The KVX is an extraction kitchen canopy for the exhaust of contaminated air released by cooking equipment with low heat loads. The KVX kitchen canopy comprises, optional IP65 light fittings and adjustable exhaust slide dampers. Stainless Steel KSA cyclonic grease filters. The canopy is manufactured completely from AISI 304 1.2mm No 4 finish stainless steel. Testing and Balancing (T.A.B.) taps for flow measurements are fitted to the exhaust plenums.

    The KVF canopy with the new generation of peripheral, vertical and horizontal Capture Jet™ technology is a highly efficient kitchen ventilation canopy that removes contaminated air and excess heat emitted by cooking equipment, while delivering compensation air to the kitchen at low velocity.

    • Make-up air is not incorporated in the hood and must be supplied to the room via ceiling registers or Diffusers.supplied through Front Face of hood at low velocity
    • KSA multi-cyclone filters - UL and NSF classified. KSA filters remove up to 95% of particles with a size of 10 microns or above thus reducing grease deposits and cleaning costs while improving hygiene and safety
    • Enhanced safety and hygiene thanks to high-efficiency grease removal KSA multi-cyclone filters (UL and NSF classified) that result in reduced duct cleaning costs
    • “Ready to install” standard delivery packages with lighting as well as integral balancing dampers and testing and balancing taps for fast and simple field balancing
    • Custom dimensions to suit each application
    • Light - 240 Volt - 10 Amp 50 Hz
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