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Unique, efficient and seamlessly crafted, the Woodson 2 row, 6 bay Self Serve Cold Food Display is constructed from toughened glass panels and a stainless steel body. Cold air is blown gently from side to side, ensuring a layer of cold air is consistently above, below and upon the products. Fluorescent lights together with a diffuser, illuminate the gantry, ensuring optimal product display is achieved at all times. The result is an effective, eye-catching product display, with high quality results.

Woodson W.CFSS26 6 Module Self Serve Cold Food Display

    • Front and rear acrylic doors can be lifted and locked into position to act as sneeze guards
    • The unit is designed to be used for a maximum of 3 hours with doors open. Between sessions
    • doors must be closed
    • Constructed with a unique full-length evaporator coil
    • The adjustable digital controller is designed to hold temperature accurately between 2C and 5C
    • Liftout floor panels ensure the unit is easy to clean
    • Available in 3-6 bay modules
    • Dimensions of 2050 x 800 x 1200mm
    • Electrical rating of 1.0kW - 10A
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