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Unique, efficient and seamlessly crafted, the Woodson 2 row, 5 bay Self Serve Flat Deck Cold Food Display is constructed from a stainless steel body in a bright annealed finish. Cold air is blown gently from side to side, ensuring a layer of cold air is consistently above, below and upon the products. Supplied with removable acrylic well covers to ensure food remains cold when not needed, this unit is incredibly effective at retaining and maintaining the correct temperature.

Woodson W.CFSSN25 5 Module Flat Deck Self Serve Cold Food Display

    • The adjustable digital controller is designed to hold temperature accurately between 2C and 5C
    • Undermount refrigeration unit is supplied with condensate drain hose for connection to waste
    • The unit is designed to be used continuously for a maximum of 3 hours with open well. Between sessions lids must be utilised
    • Unit is rated to operate at ambient temperatures up to 32C
    • Constructed with a unique full-length evaporator coil
    • Available in 3-6 bay modules
    • Dimensions of 1720 x 800 x 755mm
    • Electrical rating of 1.0kW - 10A
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