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Crafted with a 6-8 slice capacity, the Woodson Ribbed Contact Grill is manufactured with a stainless steel body and arms and ribbed aluminium top plate. Due to the materials utilised and its simple and sleek design, this unit is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. This unit is reliable and efficient, perfect for short, efficient runs.

Woodson W.CT8R 8 Slice Ribbed Contact Grill

    • Spring balanced ribbed upper plate provides perfect toasting without crushing the sandwhich
    • Removable grease tray to front for easy access and maintenance
    • Thermostat control of 50C to 250C for manual control of cooking temperature
    • Smooth finish aluminium bottom plate ensure even heat distribution and an efficient heating surface
    • Easy clean design with fully enclosed lifting assembly
    • Dimensions of 495 x 475 x 230mm
    • Electrical rating of 2.2kW - 10A
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