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Featuring an extra-large, 12mm thick 1/2 ribbed cast steel griddle plate, the Woodson Griddle provides an evenly heated cooking surface, together with exceptional heat retention. An integrated splashback assists in containing any food or oil splashing, while a manual twin thermostat control enables the preferred temperature to be selected and additionally allows half plate operation to occur. An adaptable and reliable unit is produced.

Woodson W.GDA60HR Half Ribbed Griddle

    • Features thermostat control of 40C to 285C together with a pilot light to indicate power on
    • Constructed with a removable grease drain drawer for easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Twin thermostat control allows half plate operation for energy efficiency
    • Thick 1/2 ribbed cast steel plate works exceptionally for even heat distribution
    • By constructing the unit from stainless steel durability and strength are guaranteed
    • Dimensions of 675 x 600 x 236mm
    • Electrical rating of 4.4kW - 20A
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