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Featuring a 12mm thick cast steel griddle plate, and an adjustable toasting rack, the Woodson Large Griddle Toaster provides an evenly heated cooking surface, together with a high performance toaster. An integrated splashback assists in containing any food or oil splashing, while a manual twin thermostat control enables the preferred temperature to be selected, while additionally enabling half plate operation to occur. Reliable and versatile, this unit is a definite asset to all commercial kitchens.

Woodson W.GDT75 Large Griddle Toaster

    • Thick griddle plate ensures exceptional heat distribution and heat retention
    • Grease channel situated from griddle to front of plate that drains to a removable side grease tray
    • Easy to clean removable crumb tray
    • Twin thermostat control allows half plate operation for energy efficiency
    • By constructing the unit from stainless steel durability and strength are guaranteed
    • Dimensions of 720 x 630 x 330mm
    • Electrical rating of 4.4kW - 20A
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