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Utilising energy efficient ‘instant’ heat infrared glass elements situated both on the top and bottom of the unit, the Woodson Multi-Function Glass Element Toaster Griller with four slice capacity, delivers power and durability. With multiple position slides and racks for safe loading, and an easy to clean removable crumb tray, this unit is adaptable and flexible while still ensuring reliable performance. Offering fast, exceptionally even grilling and toasting, this infrared toaster griller is an asset to any quick service kitchen.

Woodson W.GTQI4 Toaster Griller

    • Energy efficient infrared elements provide immediate heat with no need to leave the appliance running all day
    • The unit utilises timer controlled operation which guarantees power saving
    • Stainless steel construction with new brushed finish for a sleek and modern look
    • Designed to deliver incredibly even heat distribution which results in consistent cooking results
    • Energy saving option of utilising top element only
    • Dimensions of 615 x 360 x 335mm
    • Electrical rating of 2.2kW - 10A
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