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Crafted specifically for holding and displaying pies, the 100 capacity Woodson Pie Display, features toughened glass for front and rear sliding panels. Together with a double skin stainless steel cabinet, this unit is extremely durable. A manual thermostat control allows the unit to be set to a specific temperature, while a temperature gauge monitors and displays the temperature. Simple and straight forward, this pie display delivers quality results, while maintaining a sleek, attractive appearance.

Woodson W.PIA100G Pie Display

    • Product must be heated above 65C prior to being displayed
    • Features sliding glass doors on both sides of the unit
    • Supplied with 5 shelves
    • Removable chrome wire racks accompany the unit
    • Stainless steel crumb tray is removable for easy maintenance
    • Dimensions of 755 x 350 x 645mm
    • Electrical rating of 1.25kW - 10A
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